Red in the Flower Bed

Because I’ve posted so much here about books lately, I thought I’d go spout someplace else today. I recently  had the opportunity check out Red in the Flower Bed, An Illustrated Children’s Story about Adoption and ask the author, Andrea Nepa, a few questions. The book tells of a seed that needs a place to grow, and a garden that is happy to have the seed join them. Ms. Nepa is an adoptive parent herself, and she put a lot of thought into constructing this story. Check out my full review at Grown in My Heart

If you are an adoptive parent, do you have a favorite children’s book on the topic? I am working on building our library on the topic…..

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  1. Happy ICLW!

    That book sounds adorable. I love reading books to my kids that are different then how our family was built. I want them to appreciate everyone’s differences and accept them.

  2. HELLO old friend:) I’ve been very MIA lately, but I’m so excited about your new digs:) And to catch up with you guys! I have to say, two of my favorites as far as childrens’ books go have to be “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born,” and “A Mother for Choco.” The second deals with transracial adoption but is also just a great story about what makes a family a family. I love it! 🙂

    1. hello! So glad you found my new place 🙂 We got an audio CD of Jamie Lee Curtis’ books…she reads all seven, I think, including “Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born”. MAM loved listening to the whole thing. Very fun!

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