Popsicle Days, Poolside Nights

Lake Kahuna Panoramic
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When we first moved into this, our “starter” home seven years ago, we often joked it was like we were on vacation. With the nice lake in our backyard (we could never live here with kids, they’d fall right in), and swimming pool down the street, some days it is hard to remember to get up and go to work in the morning.

Fast forward SEVEN summers, and here we are, two kids later, living in our starter-home-before-the-market-tanked townhouse. It IS a little nerve wracking to have that little lake out our back door. But the swimming pool down the street? It rocks. It rolls. It MAKES our summer.

We’ve just come out of a wicked heat wave, one where it was too hot to go swimming in the sweltering sun of high noon. We quickly found a great time to take the kids–swimming in the late afternoon/early evening is perfect. Everything is still toasty warm, but the sun isn’t actually scorching a hole in our inflatable boat.

The evening swims wear the kids out, but even so, bedtime has been pushed to close to 10pm. But I’m not complaining, because Sleeping Beauty will sleep…until….are you ready for this….10 AM, sometimes later.

By the time she gets up, it’s time to play a little, have a little lunch, eat some popsicles, run some errands, eat some more popsicles and then hit the pool.

I think this definitely qualifies as a vacation!

5 Replies to “Popsicle Days, Poolside Nights”

  1. 10pm is Kiddo's summertime bedtime as well – he won't sleep quite 'til 10am, but we'll take what we can get (of course, I'm still out the door for work by 8am, so hubby is the lucky one who gets to sleep in).

    and I would totally love to have a pool in the neighborhood – that's got to be great!

    sounds like summer is off to a great start in your neck of the woods 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I would PAY to have my kids sleep that late. Jake has an internal alarm clock like nobody's business. He's usually up by 7:30…no matter what time he goes to bed.

  3. That DOES sound nice!! But be careful about talking about late sleeping – every time I even mention it, mine starts waking up at MUCH earlier hours. I guess it's God's way of keeping me humble 🙂

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