The Week in Review

I’ve been holed up here with the recovering girl this week. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Monday: Watch Barbie and the Diamond Castle, read books, watch Barbie and Swan Lake, find Hannah Montana on Netflix

Tuesday: Watch Barbie and the Diamond Castle, make some garden stones, watch Barbie and Swan Lake (this time, to mix it up, she watched it from the bath tub! woot! living on the edge)

Wednesday: Watch Barbie and Swan Lake two times in a row, venture out for some ibuprofen, come home with a Hannah Montana watch and a bag of lollipops, sleep for 5 hours in the afternoon, stay awake until 3am Thursday morning!

Thursday: Watch Barbie and the Diamond Castle, watch some PBS kids, make a picture with crayons and stickers, get new books at the library, watch Barbie and Swan Lake…..

Gee, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?!?!? Somehow, I feel a Barbie DVD will be involved.

In other happenings, the boy is “free standing” for seconds at a time and QUITE pleased with himself.

I figure, for him, it has to beat crawling on pavement…..

3 Replies to “The Week in Review”

  1. We are on the "Barbie and the Princess and the Pauper" kick. We have watched that one for the past three days!

  2. I think I'm glad I have a boy….

    Hoping the weekend recovery sees more NIGHTTIME sleep!!! and slightly more energy!

    Too bad she can't convalesce in the pool. See, YOU could do that. On a raft, with a cool drink. But a kid in a pool, not allowed to splash or jump or flip – not so exciting…

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