A Perfect Saturday Night

Sometimes, I really, really, really like where we live. I like that family events are plentiful. easy to get to, and most often FREE. Last night, I was in love with my midwestern town once again.

This weekend marked the opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 93rd running of the 500 Mile Race. Little know fact: the first race there was not an automobile race. The first race was a hot air balloon race, held June 9, 1909. The race was the first event held at IMS, to help raise funds to complete the race track. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the IMS. Opening weekend was marked with the return of the hot air balloons, a concert and more.
I’ve seen hot air balloons before, but last night was the first time we were invited to actually get in one. Not in the basket. In the actual balloon as it was being inflated. This is us, getting blown away as the balloon inflates around us!! All of the pilots and crews were super friendly, and very laid back as hundreds of people trampled on the grass, poking around these delicate beauties.
The Energize Bunny balloon was there, touted as the largest hot air balloon in the world. It even comes with it’s own “bunny crew”, passing out rabbit ears to anyone who wants them.

Josh Kelley, Ryan Cabrera, The Kin and Brandon Whyde performed, and it turns out that MAM loves dancing to live music. Oliver Winery was handing out free samples of basically every wine they make. The weather was calm, the bugs were absent, and really, it was the most perfect evening. Let Race Month begin!


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  1. What a great picture of the balloons!Love the energizer bunny ears – so did the kids from the looks of it. Sounds like it was a fun night for all. Go Indy!

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