With Enough M&Ms, Every Sunday Could be Easter Sunday

We are wrapping up a lovely and low-key Easter Sunday here. The day started out idyllic–we woke up before the children, which just helped in getting out the door to Mass on time. The children did fine at Mass, although MAM was remiss when she walked into the church, “Mama, Jesus is still dead!” as she pointed to the center statue on the alter of the crucifixition.

Once we got home, we had a fun Easter egg hunt, a relaxed brunch of French toast, and a family viewing of Shark’s Tale. We took a long walk, played tag on the tennis court, ate a nice family dinner and then more outside time.

We had a “picnic” style dessert, no real meltdowns, and a quiet bedtime.

Could this really happen every Sunday?

Every Sunday, could we clear our agendas so it really was a straight 14 hours or so of family time?

Every Sunday, could we have things in order enough so it wasn’t spent doing errands?

Every Sunday, could we bribe MAM with the promise of “another piece of candy, after ______”?!?!

Hope you an yours had a restful, day full of sweetness as well! Happy Easter!

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