Hallmark Mom E-vent

Tuesday morning, I dropped MAM off at the arranged childcare area (which was awesome int it’s own right) and met the group in the lobby. We started out at the Hallmark Visitors Center, and then continued onto the corporate offices. It was an interesting day, one of many topics and discussions.
  • It turns out that I am not the only one who loves to get handwritten cards in the mail, but am bad at sending them.
  • I am not the only one who ends up keeping cards waaayyy past the time I should have sent them, for silly reasons like missing a street number.
  • I am not the only one who wants to bring back handwriting in the age of the keyboard.
  • I am the only one, it turns out, who played “card store” as a child.
We had the opportunity to speak with designers and writers, and talked about the balance between social interaction online and social interaction in-person. We spent about 8 hours talking, talking and talking (taking a break only to munch on the tasty snacks and great KC bbq for lunch). I think we could have carried on the conversation for 8 more hours.
Here is a group shot at the very end of the day….from left to right: mommymandy, aordinarylife, adventuresinbabywearing, table4five, mooshinindy, 5minutesformom, designmom, mommygoggles, (back row): redsoxmommy, sweetnsassygirls, mommyneedscoffee, and me.

Thank you, Hallmark!

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  1. ohhh fun! I also played card store as a kid! me and my sister would make little cards on post it notes and then sell them to my family for nickles and stuff, then we would buy candy with the money! haha

  2. I think I was busy with the baby while you were talking about card store, I did play library… did everyone do that?


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