New Shoes!

I think my winter boots may finally get a bit of a break. This week the last of the snow disappeared, and the ground is drying out. I’ve traded my parka for my leather coat. I won’t say that spring is around the corner, but I feel like there is hope.

Today I realized I needed some new black shoes….the last pair I bought at Meijer while grocery shopping when MAM was an infant. The pair before that? I got at a consignment shop while on vacation in 2004. Yeah..time for new black shoes.

Today we wrapped up a visit with parents, after church we headed to the mall. After lunch, Grandma headed to the playland with MAM and Grandpa took Jr. for a stroll. This left me with time to spend one of my Christmas gift cards. Score!

So I went to Macy’s, to the shoe department. How long has it been since I’ve shopped in a proper shoe department? Let’s say I was slightly more than amazed at the hand held scanners all the salespeople had–they scanned the shoe and could tell in an instant if the size/color I wanted was in stock. Amazing!

Anyway, I took my time, perused a lot, and ended up with a winner. What do you think? And do most proper shoe departments have those hand held scanner things?? I know, I know, I need to get out more…..

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  1. Very cute! I don’t know if I could handle the heel, but I like ’em!

    I have no idea about the scanners – but I want to go find out !

    The last pair of non-tennis shoes I bought were 2 pairs (matching, one brown, one black) as a last-minute purchase before a business trip. Got them at Kohl’s. Never really liked them, they’re not high quality (like my dress shoes, which I’ve had the same style in blue/black/brown since 2000), and they look horrible.

    I am NOT a fan of shoe shopping. But I really need some for work…

  2. LOVE them! Don’t ask me about buying shoes in the real world, though. I am currently wearing the pair of non-leather, loaferish, black shoes that I bought about 6 years ago at Walmart.

  3. Scanner thingies are news to me, too. Fortunately (or not?), I’ve had such good luck at consignment shops, I haven’t bought anything new except sneakers in ages.

  4. yay new shoes!!!!!!!!! your feet must be so happy and you must be looking so hot! love them.

    NOOO none of my shoe stores have that scanner tool! that is amazing. I am always waiting around for the dude to go to the back and find me the pair in my size. Although I haven’t shoe shopped since concieving Twinkle (so sad, ohh I miss it) so maybe all my shoe stores have it too now!

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