I Couldn’t Make This Up

So this morning I was savoring our 2nd 1-hour delay of the week, and smiling that my work week was almost over. I was getting the kiddos ready, and life was good. I was changing Jr. on his changing table, he had a little early-morning presnt for me, sweet boy. As I opened his dresser drawer, MAM came sprinting into the room, “Mama! I’m! My! ——” (she hurls, into the open drawer of sweet baby boy clothes) “I’m puking Mama!! My puke!”

Read that again, slowly.


I pop Jr back into his crib (half dressed) and get MAM situated. It is now 7:45, so I call my boss first, and then start cleaning up messes. The mess, actually was an easy fix–I scooped the entire contents of the drawer into the washer. End of story.

Fast forward about 2 hours later, Jr is ready for another diaper change. I take care of the wet diaper, and realize that he has no diapers in his changing table. So I put him in the crib, half dressed for the second time today……and return, with a dry diaper, to find that he’s sprayed the entire crib. He’s grinning like a fool, completely soaked…..

After stripping the beds, MAM is back upstairs in their room, looking for a truck to play with, when all of a sudden, the 4 crackers she ate reappear on the rug. Ugh.

An entire drawer of clothing.

A entire crib of bedding.

A carpet.

Will the adventures in bodily fluids ever end?!?!?! Will I ever work a full five days in a row again?? Will the children ever be 100% healthy again?? I am beginning to wonder….

3 Replies to “I Couldn’t Make This Up”

  1. Oh my word. You cannot catch a break! I am so sorry! You are the queen of handling sick kids, I have to tell you. even if it doesn’t feel like it.

    If I were closer, I’d drive by and drop off some Starbucks for you. And not just a coffee, but also something chocolate!

  2. Yuck, yuck, yuck. (Me, I’ll take anything that comes out of the bottom half over anything that comes out of the top half.)

    And hey, there’s nothing a mom of two likes more than having to wash an extra drawer full of clothes! Glad you are keeping your sense of humor throughout. It will continue to save your life and your sanity.

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