Joining the Next Generation….

of Television!

I told you that BgK had brought home something big on Black Friday. Big, as in 32″ big. To put it in perspective, let me tell you about Old TV, which has already gone on to a better place.

I got Old TV my senior year of college as a 21st birthday present. It was a 19″ RCA that served my purposes just fine. That TV traveled from my dorm room, to Cleveland, to Illinois, and finally to central Indiana. It became “our” TV when we got married in 2001. It didn’t really occur to us to maybe think about replacing it until we got DVD player, and had to go to Radio Shack to by an adapter (an RF modulator to be exact) so that the DVD player and the rabbit ears antenna could both be hooked up at the same time.

As Old TV was approaching 14, things started to happen. The five local channels we used to get dropped down to 3. The color was sometimes color, but was often greenish, or black and white. We knew the time was drawing near when to correct any problem, a good swift slap generally corrected it. Then we started seeing the commericals about digital converson boxes that will be needed on older TVs come February. And we started to think about upgrading. Really, two adapters for a 14 year old TV that only turns on and off via remote seemed like excessive life-saving measures.

When the Black Friday ads came out, we couldn’t believe how the prices on HD TVs had come down in the past year or two. We couldn’t believe that we were both looking at the TV ads. It had to be a sign.

So BgK went out Friday afternoon, and picked out a lovely TV. We plugged it in, and even with our rabbit ears, we get about 10 channels (who knew?)! It feels like I’ve gotten new contacts–the picture is that much clearer. And if this one lasts the 14 years the old one did, we won’t have to replace it until MAM is applying to college.

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  1. Congrats on the new TV! It sounds like it was overdue. We’re looking at upgrading to an HDTV, too. We bought our TV in 2000, but we have satellite, so we’re not worried about the digital conversion. We just want one. It may not be this Christmas like we’d hoped, but soon.

  2. As someone who is this very moment waiting for an installer to come replace my 1983 water heater…I understand the impulse to hang on as long as possible. Your new tv will NOT last 14 years (sorry!) but I know you WILL enjoy it so much for as long as it does last.

    P.S. Be careful: scary movies are so much scarier on a big tv!!

  3. Oh my husband would be so jealous! He scoured the Black Friday ads, too, and it so convinced his world will end if he doesn’t get a new HDtv:)
    Congrats on your fun new tv! 🙂

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