A Quiet Thanksgiving

Due to MAMs stomach bug, and a baby who may or may not have caught it, we stayed home this weekend. Its was sort of huge for us, because we’ve never stayed here for Thanskgiving. With all family living three hours away, we typically go to them for the long wekeend.

Thankfully, we live in the land-o-plenty, so it was not big deal to go out Weds and secure all that was needed for a Thanksgiving feast. Actually, it was the best Thanksgiving shopping EVER. You know why? Because I was out of the house of sickness for the first time all day….and I got to go grocery shopping with one my favorite people on the planet, my college roommate! It was so not what we had planned for the day before Thanksgving– we had grand plans for her family (3 yr old twins and hubby) to join me, MAM and Junior for a library story hour, lunch and PLAYING . Unfortunately, the girls had other ideas. Her daughter got sick only two days into their week-long stay, and them MAM started puking. So dinner and grocery shopping was the extent of our visit. But that’s OK. I’ll take that over not seeing her any day.

MAM was perking up on Thursday, although she really had not appetite. We had a nice day, watching the parade, eating a turkey breast with all the fixin’s and celebrating BgK’s birthday. (yes, he’s a Thanksgiving birthday once every 6 yrs or so).

The weirdest part of staying home this wekend isthat we were then faced wtih three days of totally free time. Totally unplanned for days, which NEVER happens in our lives. Ever.

So I did what every good American did yesterday–I went shopping! I didn’t get up stupid-early, but I did make it in time for some “door busters” . I got some good deals, and even starting wrapping gifts yesterday afternoon!

Then BgK went out to run some errands, and what he came home with will have to be it’s own post. It’s that huge . (to us anyway).

3 Replies to “A Quiet Thanksgiving”

  1. Well, I got up stupid-early (or more accurately stayed up stupid-long), but I got everything I was looking for so I’m under budget for the season! I have a few more gifts to pickup and a few of those hard-to-buy-for people on my list, but it’s looking good.

  2. I was grateful to be able to attend a busy weekend with lots and lots of visiting cousins (I felt “on display”). While sick kids are NEVER fun… your nice, quiet Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. And Happy B-Day, BigK.

  3. Wish I’d known you were home! I wanted to call and chat this weekend, but figured you were up north!

    Happy belated T’giving!
    I “busted” at Kmart before 11 am and came home w/ a cute 3YO/C’mas photo outfit for AP – navy corduroy blazer w/ leather elbow patches and a blue oxford.. TOO CUTE!

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