Rewards for Shopping and Then Some

I was born into a bargain-hunting, refund-getting sort of family. I remember not throwing food containers away as a child, so my mom could clip the UPC codes for assorted refunds. As an adult, I have always had a cash-back debit card and credit card–who wouldn’t want to get credit for things they do/buy anyway?

My father has taken this concept to a new level with Priority Club Rewards. He travels an insane amount for his job, and has been able to come up with a fabulous perks for himself through Priority Club Rewards. I am not exaggerating when I say that no one in our family has paid for a hotel room since early 2005. 95% of our free stays have been with Holiday Inn Express, and I have to say that they treat their Priority Members extremely well. Snack bags and room upgrades are fairly common during our stays.

The thing about Priority Club Rewards though, is that it’s not just for travelers. You can earn points through shopping online at your favorite stores. All you have to do is start shopping at the PCR Shopping Page and your purchases are credited to your Priority Club account. You earn points on the dollars you spend….and then you can spend your points!!

What can you spend your points on? The redemption center is full of ideas. You can redeem points for retail/gasoline gift cards, free travel and hotel stays. The possibilities are endless.

At my dad’s recommendation, I became a Priority Club member in 2004. I haven’t really utilized my account, because most of my hotel stays have been covered with my dad’s points. Now that I know about the shopping component, I have a whole new way to earn and spend points!

I know there are a lot of reward type clubs/programs out there, but this is one that I have seen in action and can highly recommend. So before you start your Christmas shopping, take a minute to sign up at Priority Club. Then let the online shopping commence, and start earning points!

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