Time for a Christmas To-Do List Already?

I’m not sure where the month of November went–well, I mean I do–it went to working full-time, keeping up with things at home, having fun with the wee-ones and Facebook (the great time-sucker of 2008)….so I guess that means December is upon us.

Because we travel for Thanksgiving, we have a weird tradition of putting up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. This ensures that we have the tree up the first Sunday of Advent, which sometimes falls on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend (like this year). Given that we have a fake tree that must be assembled and there is furniture to be moved, we are putting the tree up after our little elves are asleep tonight and will trim it tomorrow. I can’t wait to see MAM’s expression when she finds the tree tomorrow morning!

When does your tree go up? Is it fake, or do you do the real deal?

2 Replies to “Time for a Christmas To-Do List Already?”

  1. we put ours up about two weeks before Christmas so we don’t get sick of it by Epiphany.

    I just bought my first Christmas present this morning…so far behind, I’ll never get out alive. Santa has his work cut out for him this year.

    Have safe T-giving travel!

  2. We do an artificial tree and put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving. It’s a long weekend that Dave is home so we have plenty of time to do it!

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