Getting into the Groove…

So we are now well into week 2 of getting everyone out of the house for the day by about 7:30am. Week 2 of not returning to said house, after a full day’s work, until close to 5 pm. Not really sitting down for the day til after MAM is in bed, somewhere between 8:30-9pm. And I am getting into the groove of it all. 

Last week the sheer amount of laundry the children generated while at school/daycare was daunting. Add to it the lunchbox/snack containers/bottles/cereal bowls and I was on the edge of going back to disposable baggies and bottle liners. But I survived, and played with when there is time to do what, and this week is going a little smoother. I’m still not really sitting down or “done” til about 9pm, but that’s Ok.
A few random things from this week: 
1) Barack Obama is MAM’s new obsession and inspiration for good behavior. “Barack Obama has black pants. I have black pants!” “Barack Obama is the president. He’s my best friend.” “Barack Obama is asleep now. Good night, Mama.” I kid you not. I may just have to become a fan of his on Facebook. 
2) Light bulbs are hot and can burn tender 3 yr old skin. MAM got curious about a lamp at school today, and has a blister to show for it. Ouch. 
3) Three year olds are completely capable of diagnosing themselves. She told me Thursday she had an ear infection (again)….and we found out Friday she was right. Now if only she can learn to call in her own antibiotics…..
So that’s it for now. As soon as I figure out where to squeeze in more blogging, I will. 

4 Replies to “Getting into the Groove…”

  1. I’m not even working and I’m starting to have trouble finding time to blog…

    That’s too funny that she’s so fond of Barack. We showed the kids pictures on the front page of the paper before the election. Jake chose Barack and Emma chose McCain because “look, it’s Grandma!” We lost it.

  2. Man… Hate to hear about the infection – think it’s food allergy related again? Or just bad stuff floating around, and that’s her body’s way of always fighting things off, or just blaming it on crazy ears?

    Have you thought about chiropracty? (And forgive me if I’ve mentioned that before. I have no personal experience, just 2 friends who have had great success w/ their kids with that.)

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