The Party’s Over

Ok, party is probably the wrong word….but regardless, it’s time for me to go back to work. Tomorrow. All things considered, Junior being born right after school got out (thanks for waiting for us to get back from Florida, sweet boy) was perfect timing for us. I had all summer at home with him, and with MAM, and then I got to take some family leave when the school year actually started. Had he been born in August, I’d still be going back to work now, but he’d be that much younger. 

So. Here we are. I can’t quite imagine it–I really haven’t thought about work AT ALL (except when coworkers call) since the last day of school, in May. I’ve done a few appearances, and have met most of my new students here and there, but haven’t really thought about teaching. It’s been a good sabbatical of sorts. 
My mom is here this week to help ease the transition (thanks, mom!) and next week, Junior will start attending the daycare where MAM was until this school year. The same caregiver who cared for MAM until she was a year (only 3 months, but still) is still there in the infants’ room, and I can’t say enough good things about her. Knowing that our childcare arrangement is solid is a huge relief–I’ve had too many friends stress about such things when returning to work. 
Now if he can just get back to sleeping through the night like he was before our crazy road trip…

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  1. Thank heavens for Grandma’s and wonderful caregivers, that’s all I can say!

    I can’t believe this time is here already! Wow, that seemd to go fast in a way.

    Hope you find the n ew groove quickly and everyone handles the transition well!! At least MAM’s had a while to get into her school routine. Can you imagine starting her AND you and Jr all this week??? Talk about sleep interruptions!

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