Road Trip Recap: Heading Home , with Side Trips

So here’s something I’ve noticed about my hubby: he can’t resist being near tourist attractions/sites to see. He loves side trips and detours. We “stopped by” Washington, D.C. on our way home from the Outer Banks last year. We drove around his old Boy Scout campground on the drive up to our honeymoon condo. We stopped at the Mormon city of Nauvoo, IL on our way home from Missouri a few years ago. So it came as no surprise that he had a few places to see on our way home from Atlantic City. 

Monday we left after a lovely breakfast with family. We drove directly to Philly, where we got out of the car to do “the Rocky steps”. You know, the scene in Rocky where he runs up the steps during training? Turns out, it’s the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. And we were driving right by it…..
BgK had prepped MAM with a YouTube video, and she reinacted 
the scene with gusto. You can’t really see her in front of the building, but she’s sitting there. The building? Is HUGE. She looked sooo tiny sitting on the tip top step. She climbed down carefully, and then she gave Rocky the statue a big hug!! 
After leaving Philly, we hauled van on the PA Turnpike (as much as one can on the oldest highway ever), and made it close to the state line. 
The next day, we hit the wide open spaces of Ohio (so, so, welcome after the crazy mountains of PA and the narrow highways and the ridiculous tolls), and we stopped of in Dayton to visit the Air Force Museum. 
 BgK and MAM loved all the big airplanes, and Junior and I enjoyed the Bob Hope exhibit/movie while he ate. It was a quick trip–we made it there just an hour before closing time. Admission is free, and it’s only about 2 hours from home, so I think we’ll be returning at some point. 
The last leg of the trip was uneventful, we did have to make a pit stop between Dayton and home, and MAM was thrilled that the truck stop sold bananas at the register. $2 later, we each had a banana (she was asking for fruit, and wanted to share, and hey, it’s not candy….) for the last bit of the drive. 
We pulled in around 8, unloaded the van and returned it to the rental place. I’ve been unpacking, doing laundry, and recovering ever since!
P.S. If you haven’t already, please tell me your wedding song on this post. Inquiring minds want to know, and the comments that are there are fun!

4 Replies to “Road Trip Recap: Heading Home , with Side Trips”

  1. Love the pics! We’ll be in Philly in November and I’m for sure doing the Rocky steps.
    Our wedding song was the traditional wedding march played on a harp by a mariachi band member in Mexico. We got married there so it was a total crap shoot as to what we would get.

  2. Oh my gosh, I did miss her on the steps. That’s too funny.

    That’s cool that you stopped at Wright Patt for the museum. Dave used to do some work in aerodynamics when he first got out of college. One of the planes he worked on is in the museum. When we went and he told me that, I thought he meant the TYPE of plane he worked on was in the museum.

    But no, the actual physical plane he stood on and worked on is in the museum in Dayton. It’s too cool.

  3. Too bad I didn’t know about this trip sooner. We could’ve met in Philly for coffee. Or heck if you were in Atlantic City, gambling and hookers! 😉

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