Road Trip Recap: Friday and Saturday

Our little fall vacation/road trip went swimmingly well, and now we are back home. I had all sorts of good intentions to post on the road (thus the test of blogger mobile), but that sort of fell by the way side as road trip fun took over. 

We left Friday with one destination in mind: the Jersey Shore for my youngest cousin’s wedding. The kids did amazingly well in the car–it was a looooonnnggg day, but fun. As MAM would say, “everybody’s all together!”, and it was good. 
Saturday we visited my friend, Lucy the Elephant. I remember going there as a kid, and I’m glad we got to take our kids. How often do you see quality Zoomorphic architecture such as this??? The stairs up were incredibley steep, but we made it to the top, where there was an ocean view, as well as into the belly of the elephant, where we learned more about Lucy than any one person would ever need to know. 
Saturday night we had dinner with my college roommate and her family–they drove down from MA since we were going to be in the neighborhood. How awsome is that? She has twin three year olds, a boy and a girl. MAM got along with them famously and they were three peas in a pod. 
That’s it for now…the wedding deservers its own post, as does our trip home. More soon.

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