School Days….

for MAM (not me) have begun! Sweet girl has two weeks under her belt, and things are very, very good. She’s in love with her teacher, has no problem helping herself to her snack at the appropriate time, she’s sleeping during nap time, and she’s figured out the whole drop off/pick up thing. 

And with a true Montessori spirit, she started singing, “My toes are on the line, my toes are on the line…” (to the tune of the Farmer and the Dell), interchanging body parts.  She’s brought home her first metal inset paper. She talks about the pink tower.
And me? Well I get close to six hours with just Junior, which is heavenly. It’s heavenly when he sleeps, and it’s heavenly when he wakes up and I can just feed him. Feed him with two hands, not looking at anything but his incredibly blue eyes. 
I’ve got seven weeks left of hanging out with the little man, and I intend to enjoy it. And after that, I get to go to work every day, in the classroom next to where MAM is. And Junior will be with our beloved Ms. L, who is still “the” infant caregiver at the daycare where MAM spent her days before she joined the school. As much as I know it will be hard to be away from him all day, I am completely comfortable with our childcare arrangement, which huge. 
So far, the planets continue to align. How’s back-to (or starting-) school going at your house? 

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  1. I LOVED going to Montessori school as a child. I really wanted kiddo to go as well, but there aren’t any that are reasonably close to our house. Oh, I’m so envious. 🙂

  2. Is it bad that I am already looking forward to Cameron starting preschool next year? Although the one we want is only 2 1/2 hours three days a week…

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