Is anyone else in disbelief?

Exactly three years ago, I sat with an infant in my arms, glued to the television, in awe of what Hurricane Katrina was doing to the Gulf Coast. That kind of devastation could happen here? A city the size of New Orleans, a city below sea level had that poor of an emergency plan?

You remember the pictures. The pictures of the people left behind, the elderly and disabled, the mothers with several young children in tow. I remember thinking, how were they getting diapers? Feeding those babies? Keeping themselves hydrated?

It was exactly three years ago. Local agencies loaded up what they could and drove down to help. I brought boxes of things–of baby things–of ready-to-eat formula, diapers, and wipes downtown to the Fieldhouse where an Indiana Pacer was loading semi-trucks to take to his hometown.

I don’t want to sit here, this coming week, and watch it all over again, holding an infant in my arms, I really don’t.

Say a few prayers tonight, if you are so inclined, for the well-being of those in Gustav’s way. I know I will be.

2 Replies to “Is anyone else in disbelief?”

  1. Oh my goodness, I was holding my breath all weekend. I am so thankful the devastation wasn’t like Katrina, but I also can’t help but feel horribl for those who are again experiencing such loss.

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