Go read this….

If you’ve got one child and :

If you’re not sure you’ll be able to adopt again.
If you know you can’t bear another round of fertility treatments.
If your clock is ticking and you sort of already know you are out of time….just go read it.

What I’d Like For You To Know: The Mom of an Only Child

4 Replies to “Go read this….”

  1. That was well worth reading, thank you! I am struggling right now with the decision to do another IVF or just stop at our one boy. Some of the things she said were spot on.

    Here from ICLW…

  2. Interesting perspective. Thanks for linking that. I have an only child currently (only 10 weeks) but I do hope to have more. I know, however, that if I don’t have more, I am still blessed with T! (catching up from ICLW)

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