So I Shined my Sink last night…

and woke up this morning and put on my laced shoes… you know where I’m going with this? Are you one of the 1/2 million people signed up with FLYLADY? If you are, then you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, well, if your sink is clean and you’re already wearing shoes, you probably don’t need her anyway. I’ve decided that I need her desperately.

And you know what? I cleaned out my Google reader last night too. And now everyone’s in folders by category. And I even made a category for people I love who don’t post very often–called “quiet blogs” this way, I can see when they put new stuff up but it doesn’t take a day and a half to scroll through my list.

Yeah. The shiny sink is working already. And my feet? They feel fabulous.