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Some days I think about starting a money/frugal/super shopper blog. Other days I fancy a greener, more healthy blog that would serve me and Mother Earth. I sometimes think about posting more about adoption, particularly open adoption. Since I have a short attention span though, I write posts about my three year old and call it a day.

Today though, I am geeked to post a super-shopper story. I’ve been known to shop the “loss leaders” at drugstores and grocery stores–get the stuff that’s on sale (matching with a coupon when I can) and that’s it. Today at CVS was no different, except that in addition to only having on sale, extra-care bucks (ECB) items matched with coupons, I also had some ECB to redeem. For $4.90, I got two tubes of toothpaste, a bottle of dishsoap, and, wait for it…..a can of formula. No lie. Granted it was a small can, but even a small can is more expensive than, well, everything else in my cart. combined.*giggle* It was very exciting, to say the least.

Of course, once I got home the formula “checks” (ie, fancy coupons) finally came in the mail. Now I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth, but one of them was for $1. $1. $1 on a product costs $1 per powdered oz. Go ahead, read that over again if you don’t believe me–$1 per powdered oz. Seriously. Now combined with other coupons (like the ones that print out at the register) , $1 off is like an extra bonus But $1 off of a full sized, full priced can of formula? Gee, thanks. No really, you shouldn’t have.

I’ll be checking to see if this formula company isn’t owned, in fact, by an oil company. Price gouging anyone? Monopoly markets? Squeezing you on something you have to buy? If I’d known that producing gas (infant or oil based) was such a big business, maybe I would have changed majors in college. Sheesh.

(For long time friends, yes, I used a store brand that rocked for MAM. Junior, however, seems to have an aversion to it for the moment. I’m hopeful he’ll join the rest of the family in enjoying the store brand equivalent of things in the very near future.)

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  1. Formula costs sooooo much. My sister-in-law found a place to buy it online for a reduced price, but you have to buy 6 cans at a time! Yikes! It’s a little overwhelming.

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