So, so tired

Thunderstorms rolled through all night last night, with apparently a big one at about 5:15am. How do I know it was 5:15 am? Well, for starters, MAM came to join us. And I’ve spoken to three other friends who also had little people awake at that ungodly hour for the same reason.

The advantage to a 5:15am wake up call? Nap time at 2pm. Now if the wee one can stay asleep long enough for me to make and drink another cup of coffee, we’ll be in business.

Were you up at 5:15 this morning??

One Reply to “So, so tired”

  1. We were there! listening to the “wain” and cuddling in Mommy’s big bed for an hour and a half. (At which point mommy realized that no, we were not going back to sleep,a nd we may as well get up and downstairs…)

    Less than 2 hours after the first blast of thunder, little man was crashed out on the family room floor to catch up on the sleep he’d missed….

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