So I’ve emailed all of the winners, and have heard back from all of them, making it official! Here are the winners from last week’s fantastically fun Bloggy Giveaways: Christmas in July! They are listed Friday – Monday because, uh, well, because they are:

Friday: Baby’s First Christmas Photo Keepsake Lilith

Thursday: Horton Hears a Who Kathleen

Wednesday: Living on Baby Time Shannon

Tuesday: inspi(RED) Zeitersouth

Monday: Trimming the Tree Jennifer

Thank you for entering all week long, and thank you for your fun stories in the comments. I completely intend to do a “greatest hits” compilation of sleep-deprived moments–they are HILARIOUS! (And make me feel much better about my formula/coffee debacle)

As you’ve probably heard (will I ever stop talking about it?) Hallmark made my hubby into an award winning dancer. Now they are ready to make *you* into a greeting card writer. Seriously.

Now that this give away has you thinking snow, check out the latest Hallmark contest–the challenge is to create a simple, sendable holiday greeting incorporating (RED). The winner gets his or her card turned into a photo card as well as a traditional folded card, $1000 prize money and a trip to NYC to present the Global Fund with a check for $1000 as well. I do have to say, trips to NYC via Hallmark are a ball, and I hope you can all be winners with them some day–it’s a great time! (The bonus about this prize? You don’t have to listen to “You Can’t Touch This” a billion times) You can find all of the details at

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