And Now, She is Three

This morning, MAM woke up knowing full-well it was, in fact, her “birstday”. She is three. No longer a toddler even, really. I stopped counting her age in months many moons ago. She’s got the potty training thing down now, and accidents are few and far between.

Here she is, ready for a day at the track. She’s wearing her “track hat” -she knows the logo is for the race track and insists on bringing it every time we go. She also knows you wear a pass around your neck, so there you have her ready for suite action.

Now that she’s three, she knows about birthdays, knows that there are candles and cakes and presents involved.

She’s much, much more a preschooler than I probably want to admit.
How much of a preschooler is she?

Putting the “meet your teacher” date for next week and her school supply list aside along with her school polo shirt, this is how much of a preschooler she is:
I want my own computer for my birstday!”

“Look it’s a map ball!” Me: “Honey, that’s called a globe.” “Well, it’s like a ball.”

Her speech and expressions are just too much some days. For the record, if you ask her, she’s wearing khaki shorts in that photo above. Not tan or brown, but khaki.

How much of a preschooler is she?

She’s outgrown her 5-point harness car seat. Literally, she’s outgrown the height specifications. So for her birstday, she got a brand new booster seat that’s supposed to fit her for the next 17″ of growth. Anyone placing bets as to how long this one lasts???

How much of a preschooler is she?

She’s always on the hunt for friends. Anyone under 4 feet tall will do. She’s also calling me her best friend, which, of course, means that she can stay a preschooler forever in my book.

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet, sweet girl of mine!

7 Replies to “And Now, She is Three”

  1. And I will vouch for it! I carried that little monkey for half a block yesterday as she kept asking “Where are my friends???” and we hurried to catch up to the 3 kids she’d met for 2 minutes that day and the other one she sees a few times a year.

    Everyone should want to be friends with everyone else just like that!

  2. I think “Map Ball” is brilliant. Happy Birthday, MAM. At the rate she’s growing and I’m shrinking, I’ll qualify for buddyhood in no time.

    (I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. TIME WARP!)

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