I interrupt all the giving away….

To just say, wow! Your stories in the comments are great!! I am loving all of the Christmas traditions (and getting some good ideas for my own family), and the sleep-deprived moments are making me spew coffee through my nose (always a good sign)! Thank you so much for sharing such great parts of your life with me (and everyone else entering these giveaways).

In other Casa de Crazy news, AFM has had three straight days of eating, eating and more eating. Seriously, all the eating can’t be adequately described. But we did go to the doc’s on Monday and he’s just shy of 11lbs at 1 month old! He’s also grown 3.5 inches since birth, so it’s not like he hasn’t been busy. He has currently had a very sleepy day, I think if I put a tape measure next to him we could probably literally see him grow!!

We are also gearing up for MAM’s 3rd birthday this weekend–we have immediate family plans this weekend, and a splashing soiree up north next weekend. I’ve just ordered a pink booster seat for her highness, partially because it’s getting to be a tight squeeze for her, and partially because I want her transitioned out of her 5-point seat before her brother needs it (which, at the rate he’s going, could be any minute now!).

I think that’s it for the moment…..back to entering more giveaways!

2 Replies to “I interrupt all the giving away….”

  1. THIRD birthday??? It’s true – the older you get, the faster time flies, and I’m nearing warp speed. 🙁 Happy Birthday to MAM!

  2. Three? I can’t believe it! Happy Birthday, MAM!
    I laughed at your comment about putting a tape measure down and watching him grow. They really do have days like that, don’t they?
    Hope your weekend is great!!!

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