Are you watching Oprah?

Now, I think I have officially seen it all. Oprah today is all about US couples traveling to India to hire Indian surrogates. You may be thinking a few different things:

a) Michelle, how is it, exactly, that you are watching Oprah?
b) Seriously, people hire women in third world countries as surrogates?
c) see question b).

First things first–it is nap time and it is blissful. If we play really, really hard, MAM will take a short respite in the afternoon. AFM, of course, sleeps on demand right now. Sometimes I get a lot done. Some days I get sucked into Oprah.

Now onto the show. For less than $10k, you can fly to India, go to the fertility clinic, create an embryo and hire a surrogate to carry your child. Everything happens in India–the surrogates stay at the clinic at the beginning and end of the pregnancy, the money is life changing.

It’s all still sort of spinning in my head. I’m going to go on the theory, that just like when we sat in that adoption orientation meeting so long ago and felt a wave of peace rush over us, that must be what it’s like when someone finds out about this option that might work for them.

So far, the phrase that pays, “rushing that sperm on a rickshaw brings you closer together, I’m sure….”

5 Replies to “Are you watching Oprah?”

  1. I’ve actually seen this episode twice now. (Today was a repeat.) I love the idea of changing someone’s life by hiring them as a surrogate. But Martha Stewart’s daughter really bugged me. She seemed like she had no clue what she was talking about with the IF stuff. She had all the terminology wrong and was just annoying. Ugh.

  2. I saw this episode this first time and thought OMG! I just don’t think I could go that far. I also agree with dc about Martha Stewart’s daugther. She was a annoying. She also didn’t show any emotion. When going through all that “stuff” you are on an emotional roller coaster. Wanting the baby is bad enough – the injections and meds make it worse.

  3. Goodness, the things you learn…

    I don’t know whether to be happy as it’s wonderful for there to be other options, or sad that women in such places have tihngs like this as away out of a hopeless life.

  4. I’ll put this out there and say that I had considered this option of surrogacy when I heard about it last year. Our adoption journey was not going so well and for the money we spent on failed adoptions, I could have had 2 children by surrogacy this way. Ok, I’ll stop there. I could go on and on about the pros and cons of this type of foreign surrogacy.

  5. Thanks for chiming in everyone–I knew there’d be different view points 🙂 For people comfortable with surrogacy, this could be a real option….please keep the conversation going!

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