It takes a village…

It’s cliche, but true–it absolutely takes a village to help keep things together when baby #2 comes along. What has my village done for me? Let me count the ways….besides the usual visits and baby gifts, our friends have, in no particular order:

brought dinner to our door every night this week, always with something for MAM to eat too, brought huge tubs of infant boy clothing and accessories, delivered a crib and a dresser, delivered a pack and play along with sheets when I couldn’t find mine, brought fun big sister gifts for MAM, pushed A in the stroller when MAM freaked and insisted on being pushed in a stroller too…. I could go on and on. I have absolutely learned to always bring a sibling gift when there’s a new baby. It makes all the difference in the world, it really does.

We are truly, truly blessed!

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  1. You do have wonderful friends! I know when you brought us dinner, it was awesome! We had 2 people do that (and lovely Gran there to cook for those first few days!).

    I found it hard trying to remember what I could bring for MAM to eat!

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