the expert opinion is in

Today, after 2 weeks of waiting, MAM went to see a pediatric dermatologist for the rash that just won’t quit. It’s much better than it was, but it’s still hanging on and new bumps pop up every now and then.

The Verdict? A bacterial infection. Apparently, sometimes infections present themselves as rashes. As a result, we now have a fourth cream to use on MAM to see if it clears it up. (if anyone needs any anti-fungal, scabies or hyrdrocortisone creams, let me know–we’ve got plenty)

We also got cream to use on her face and the strange redness that comes and goes.

And now that we’re “in”, it shouldn’t take 2 weeks to get an appointment, should anything else pop up.

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  1. It’s all craziness! Bacterial?? Geesh. POor little monkey!

    Is everyone certain the facial redness isn’t allergy related? I just remember one of my co-worker’s little ones who have a year or more of that (among other symptoms), they realized she had fairly allergies…..

    Hope everyone is less pink and feeling great very soon – just in time for more gorgeous holiday photos during next week’s festivities!

  2. That makes sense. My oldest is notorious for viral rashes. The way my doc explained it to me is that the virus tries to expel itself from the body however it can. When it goes through the skin, the rash occurs.

    I hope the latest round of creams helps clear up the problem!

  3. Don’t you love it when they say you’re in–it’s like belonging to some special VIP club. I’ve got an in at the allergist, who lets me come in for Saturday appointments. My God, I feel downright SPECIAL. Sick.

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