Top Five Reasons this week has started off better than last week:

1. My car now fits in the garage. No more weather to deal with at 7:30am. This is sort of a seasonal thing for us–the summers of 2006 and 2007, the strollers and assorted wheeled vehicles sort of took over our 1 car garage. This past weekend, the car took the garage back.

2. I got my sample of Dunkin Donuts coffee in the mail and savored every drop. OMG. Everyday will start off better now that I know I can buy this at the grocery store. Best coffee–EVER.

3. My first foray into gluten free play dough was a success tonight, so MAM’s class will no longer be deprived. Miss A agreed to stop using play-do for a couple of weeks to see if MAM’s symptoms cleared, and of course they did….so tonight I made some dough for the class to use. I used sorghum flour, which doesn’t make it as stinky as regular homemade dough.

4. A crazy matter was cleared up at work today, so there is one less stress there.

5. My kitchen table is currently completely clean. This gives me hope that it will remain tidy throughout the week. No promises though….

2 Replies to “Top Five Reasons this week has started off better than last week:”

  1. Until recently, I could only buy Dunkin Donuts coffee at a local gas station. Just last week, I noticed it in a grocery store. Can I tell you that I nearly fell down in the aisle out of joy? 🙂

  2. WHOA! GLUTEN FREE PLAYDOUGH? Oh my – your world really has gotten crazy. I would never have thought!!!I would go INSANE trying to figure out every single time she gets sick what the cause is.. SO many possibilities!

    And you know, every time you mention wild things at work, I’m intrigued… Your soap operatic work life!

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