I’m Out

Thoughts that actually went through my head last night, while driving home with a sleeping toddler in the backseat at 11:30pm:

Oh crap. I didn’t post today. Did I post today? No, and I haven’t even checked email come to think of it. If I don’t make it home before midnight, I’m out of NaBloPoMo. Gee, that didn’t take long. Isn’t only November 8? Maybe I can just jump on and post that I’m too tired to post. Oh wait, no, I can’t do that–the previous post was PPP and so I have to make sure this one is long enough to get my post approved. That was a fun post to write, I wonder if there are any new opportunities posted there? Oh geez it’s 11:50 now. I’m not posting when I get home. I’m out. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

So there’s the story…poor planning, really, is what led to my downfall. I could have posted early in the am before work, but some how it didn’t cross my mind at all till driving home that night. Why were we driving home so late? MAM was at a friend’s house (we shared a sitter) while the grown ups went out to a church dinner auction. It was big fun, even though we weren’t big winners.

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  1. Hi Mitch, I found your blog from Susie’s Bluebird Designs. 🙂 She designed my blog too.

    Hey, while I’m hear I thought I’d mention that, just in time for the holidays, I’m hosting a Hot Deals for a Cool Christmas information exchange. Please stop by and check out the details!

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