What do you do with a cranky toddler…..

…..who only slept for an hour during nap time, despite the fact of waking up at 4:45am??

You take her to a family-friendly sports bar to watch the big game!!! She was so enthralled by all the people, all the stuff on the walls, all the cheering, all the high-fives that we watched the entire 1st half at the bar. SO.MUCH.FUN. Although we didn’t wear our Colts gear, so I felt a little under dressed.

We are definitely keeping this in our arsenal of “what to do with a cranky toddler” when we’re climbing the walls of our ever-shrinking-town home.

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  1. Do you think they could predict the Colts would lose, and that is why they were grumpy? I grabbed my Mini Manning and bundled him up (jersey underneath) for a hike in the woods. The fresh air worked wonders! I’m going to get very tired of cold weather this year if it means we can’t be outside so much!

    Other than that, my two suggestions to add to your arsenal:

    1. Put in the Shrek (I) soundtrack and have a wild dance party

    2. “throw the dirty laundry on the couch” – not sure how we made up this game, but I’ll scoop him up, cuddle him and then exclaim, “THAT’s not my A! THAT’s dirty laundry!” And we have to throw the dirty laundry on the couch where he bounces and giggles… He outlasts me on that one..

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