Posting at 1pm on a Friday?

You guessed it–there can only be one reason. MAM is sick. I got the call just before lunch–she’s got a fever and is generally miserable. So now she’s asleep and I’m holding the fort down. And I’ve just gained 4 hours of time I wasn’t planning on having. So what shall I do? Laundry? Dishes? Enter more bloggy giveaways at the 11th hour?(there are more than 600 now!)

What would you do with an unexpected four hours of time???

One Reply to “Posting at 1pm on a Friday?”

  1. What would I do? Waste it. That’s usually what happens. Then I magically remember (hours later) all the things that weren’t written down on a to-do list that were what I really s hould have done!

    A couple weeks ago I had a couple of hours’ worth of down time and I READ. FOR A LONG TIME. Loved it. Then later, wished I’d taken a nap. I miss naps….

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