Thank you, Doc-in-a-Box

Until this past week, I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my allergies at bay this season. A little Clarinex, a little Nasonex, lots of fluids, life was bearable. Then things started, for lack of a better word, “impacting”. My head hurt. My nose hurt. My teeth hurt from sinus pressure.

So this afternoon I headed to a MedCheck with hopes of finding some relief.

Today’s doc-in-a-box was more than acommodating–he gave me a Z-pack, some steroids, nasal sprays and sleep-inducing cough syrup. WITH REFILLS. What a man.

That’s about as exciting as it gets around here. We did have great weekend with family. It is so much fun to watch MAM with her cousins, and she’s beginning to sort out the bevy of aunts and uncles.

Til next time…..

2 Replies to “Thank you, Doc-in-a-Box”

  1. NOT that I want Lily to grow too fast, but I do look so forward to the times when she knows aunts, uncles, etc. Feel better!! 🙂

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