Out with the Old, on with the New….

So it turns out, there was one week left to the May Day Weight Loss challenge…..but sadly, I will not close it with a bang. I will close it as I left it last week–just 3 lbs lost in 18 weeks! Oh well…three pounds is three pounds. And besides, if I’d lost my target 10 lbs this summer, whatever would I do with myself this fall?!?! My wrap-up post from last week is here.

Ha. Anyway, if you are a May-Day loser, you know my story. If you are new to Tales from the Scales, most of my story is woven throughout my blog under the “weight loss” tag. The big parts of the story are here (scroll down through the toddler tale) and here.

So for this new challenge, Look Great in 2008, my first goal will be to lose the 4.5 lbs I need to lose to get back down to my lowest weight of the summer ( a mere 4 weeks ago) . The next goal will be to reach 170 lbs AND STAY THERE! To do both, I need to get back into the zone, into the enthusiastic mode I was at the beginning of the May Day challenge.


4 Replies to “Out with the Old, on with the New….”

  1. You CAN do this!!! We’re all in this together! It’s all about HARD WORK, unfortunately, but it’s not impossible. Just like so many things, self-discipline is something you learn, practise, and develop gradually. So there’s hope for all of us!

  2. I was really hoping our wandering around the zoo last week would have more effect than just tired feet!

    That’s okay – it’s all up and down. And you’re being healthier. I truly feel you are simply turning that lightweight fat into heavy muscle, so the scales are fooled by it all!

  3. its doable! i know if i could pull myself up from the trenches and get in the game, you can too!

    kudos on the 3 lbs. hey! no wall was ever built with 3 bricks. but without those first 3…no wall could be built….

    it made more sense in my head…lol. i decided not to delete it and post it anyway bc i cant think of anything mroe enlightening to say! i need to go to bed. ha!

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