The Nod

Actual conversation BgK and I had the other night:

BgK: So Mike called with a good story last night. You know how when you see an attractive person on the street, you give them ‘the nod’ ?

Me: Huh? “The Nod”? To people of the same sex or the opposite sex?

BgK: The opposite sex. You see a good looking person on the street and you know, you give them ‘the nod’.

Me: Really? So the guys who give me ‘the nod’ think I’m hot?

BgK: Well, yeah. Do you get a lot nods?

Me: All the time!

BgK: Ok, so anyway, Mike gives some chick on the street ‘the nod’ and she says hi. He says how’s it going and she asks where there’s a good place to get a drink. They go to the bar and get a drink.

Me: really? that never happens to Mike!

BgK: I know. It gets better. So they were having a good time, and exchanged phone numbers—then she starts talking crazy.

Me: How crazy?

BgK: Crazy as in how sexual orientation is determined by the ingestion of soy sauce.

Me: Really?

BgK: Really.

While I feel for Mike, what I took from this conversation was the fact that ‘The Nod’ means that I am, in fact, one hot momma. Tee hee hee! I also learned not to exchange phone numbers until you have chatted long enough with a person to determine if you can handle their level of crazy…..poor Mike!

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  1. Ha! Love this story – too funny. 🙂 Look forward to discovering more of your tales. Thanks for commenting on my WFMW post!

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