Choo! Choo! (and a serious recall posted at the bottom)

Every small child I know has gone through the “train” phase. Specifically, the Thomas Train phase. So when we were invited with M’s god-family to go for a “Day out with Thomas”, how could we resist? She’ll be two in less than two months–we may as well get the train-party started!!

I have to say, while it was, of course, over the top, it was a lot of fun, and pretty much geared toward the toddler/preschool set. With admission, the kids got a wrist bracelet, which gave them access to all of the activities, including a tractor/train pull, petting zoo, pony rides, bouncy house, train tables and tattoos. I can proudly say I was with my daughter when she got her first tattoo! (and was tickled pink by it!) Personally speaking, the actual ride on “thomas” was sort of anti-climatic–it was a train to literally nowhere. If we were to do it again, I think we’d pay for one adult ticket for the ride, and flip a coin as to who has to go with the kiddos!

Today, to follow up on our weekend field trip, we went to a rather fancy toy store to spend a gift card and purchased M’s first engine, Rosie. She’s having a ball just pushing the train all over God’s green earth. I think we’ll hold off on accessories, and heaven knows in this house we don’t have the space for a train table, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go visit the fancy toy store and play with what they’ve got out! (Between that and the Croc-making station, M was in sheer delight!! No, we didn’t actually make a pair of Crocs, she just likes digging through the buttons. We did, however, get a smaller strap so the ones she inherited fit better!)

While there, the clerk told me about a recall and when I got home, someone emailed me the same info. If you have any Thomas trains at all, please go look at the website and check the list of recalled pieces. Lead paint on one of the most beloved toy series of all time–scary stuff.

I think that covers all that is Thomas for the moment…I’ve off the listen to some real music until the Monkey wakes up and then we’ll be back to Little Red Caboose!!

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