Creating a Monster

A shoe monster, that is.

My first clue should have been when I presented her with her Easter ensemble this year, a hat, purse and shoes and the first word out her mouth was, “SHOES!!!!”

My second clue should have been the way she decides which shoes to wear each day.

My third clue was when she loaded her shopping cart with shoes and began taking them for walks around the block.

My fourth clue is how she knows her Crocs as well, Crocs. And points out anyone who’s wearing similiar rubber shoes.

So I knew todays trip to Payless was going to be exciting. At big box stores, she’s in a cart and not fully able to enjoy a shoe shopping experience. Stride Rite is small, and since it’s more of a full-service sort of place, there isn’t too much to get into, really. Payless is a different story.

She ran to the back and found many shoes around her size to try on. She was introduced to light-up sandals. And then she ran the aisles, all the while happily chirping, “shoes, shoes, shoes”. The store was empty, so she ran up and down at a pretty good clip.

In the end, she wasn’t really interested in buying any particular pair. So I got her a pair of pool shoes and a new pair of sneakers. Size 7 1/2 .

I wonder if M will grow up to have a size 10 shoe. I think that her bmom is a 9 or a 10. My mom’s a 10. It’s the one thing we’ve been able to borrow from each other, since I’m 5′ 10″ and she’s 5′ 3″ .

Shoes. Glorious Shoes. That girl of mine is in good company.

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  1. Ha! We’re at least 8 extra wiiiiiiiiiiiiides. But need to get back to Stide Rite ASAP for new fitting….

    And Crocs are on our list! He keeps burning his feet up on the pavement running in and out of his wading pools to driveways and gravel and grass…..

    I LOVE that this little girly girl loves shoes!!!!!

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