If it’s not one thing….

It’s another. Like having to switch around my schedule to help cover at school* because someone has quit. And my boss is in Europe. And now I’m working til 6pm every night. And trying to place ads everywhere I can think of so that we can hire someone to do be here unitl 6pm every night. Can’t you hear tiny violins weeping for me???

Fortunately, I can break it down into a list of pros and cons. Well, mostly cons. But there are a few pros:

Pros: the Babe will have a shorter daycare day, because I will bring her in at 9:30am and BgK will bring her home at 4:30pm

Cons: I will be here until 6pm each night.

Pros: It’s only till our fearless leader returns, then I bug out on vacation and won’t return til July 9th.

Cons: Have I mentioned that I’m here til 6pm?

Pros: Another staffer has graciously offerred to work open-close on Monday and Friday so that I am still only working 3 days per week.

Cons: Ok, there’s no con there. If she wasn’t willing to do that, I’d be screwed.

*you might be thinking, “It’s summer? Who goes to school during the summer?” Well, fifteen of our students do in our “summer program”.

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