May Day Eve

I know, you’re thinking, “Mich, just get on with your damn diet already!!” And, I’m proud to say that–I AM!!

I have finished my “preparations” and I’m feeling some mojo coming my way, so here’s hoping.

Tasks accomplished:

1.)I purchased a Health-o-meter digital scale, and it came with a free pedometer and a little chart to chart steps and weight. How nifty. And it’s supposed to keep track of two people’s weights +/-. I haven’t figured out that part yet.

But here’s the crazy thing–I LIKE how much I weigh on my new scale. According to my new scale, I “only” have 10lbs to lose, which would put me at my WW goal range, as well as put me at the weight on my driver’s license. What? Am I serious? Yes, I am serious. I started driving in 1990 (a month later than scheduled, but that’s another post) and in 1990 I lied and put this weight on my driver’s license. I never changed it….even when I renewed my license at 21 and weighed fifty pounds over what I have listed as my weight.

The other crazy thing? The 10 lbs I need to lose is total flab. Because the last time I weighed this much, I was in much better shape and could have probably fit into my size 12’s. I was going to the best gym in the whole wide world 4-6 times per week, AND walking with my girlfriend 3-4times per week. No lie.

SOOOO……not only did I buy a scale, I bought some resistance equipment and a DVD. And at some point during my day, I will find time to use them.

2.) I have menus planned, which I will post tomorrow, since I’m about out of time. And after I post the menus tomorrow, I may actually get back to our regularly scheduled program, which involves a certain redhead who has completely recovered and is back to her old tricks (thank goodness)!!

3) I installed a ticker down below that will track BMI, just for fun. One of these days, I may apply numbers to these sorts of things. We’ll see.

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  1. Hello! You are doing well already! I am going to link to your blog on mine. Looking forward to recipes and MOTIVATION!!

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