How did THAT happen?

I’ve said that a few times in my almost 21 months as a mom. Today, though, is one for the record books.

The Babe and I were chilling before dinner with a little Baby E. She was sitting on my lap when all of a sudden I felt a rather warm, wet sensation. I thought, “well, maybe she just peed, and my leg feels warm because she’s sitting on it.” Obviously, it had been a long, hard day or I would have realized that if the diaper had contained the urine, my leg wouldn’t feel wet. She stayed put, and I wasn’t about to wreck the good Baby E mojo with an intermission diaper change.

So we continue to space out, and as the credits roll, the Babe climbs off and I realized that I am, in fact, wet. Really wet. Wet all around the crotch area of my own pants. Wet through to my underwear. And then I think to myself, “self, did you wet YOUR pants?” Because the Babe’s shorts? Totally dry.

But the Babe’s diaper weighed about as much as she does. So somehow, the she leaked out of the diaper, missed her own shorts and just literally peed on me (and the sofa). And I didn’t realize it til the Baby E dvd was over. That’s how good those damn DVD’s really are. Or that’s how tired I really am.

2 Replies to “How did THAT happen?”

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t treat a little pee like toxic waste 🙂 Totally not worth ruining the good DVD vibes!

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