Is the advertising working?

Every day, on the radio, I hear commercials advertising those kitchen stores–you know, the ones where you go and prepare meals and then take them home and freeze them. (My Girlfriend’s Kitchen, Super Suppers, etc)

Because you’re too busy to actually make dinner every night of the week.

Because you have no time to menu plan.

Because you’re too busy or too tired to grocery shop.

Maybe it’s repetitive advertising.

Maybe it’s my 75th attempt to do more than open cans or boil water with a 20 month old under foot.

Maybe it’s because by the time I sit down with the sales flyer the grocery sales are over for the week.

But I’m looking online and seriously considering booking a session. Partailly because I’m tired of eating pasta. Partially because doing the pots and pans is one of my least favorite jobs. Partially because I really do love to cook. And, partially, because the commericals make it sound so damn easy.

Has anyone tried this yet??

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  1. I have never tried it because I love pasta way too much 😉 And that whole “my mom still cooks for me” thing.

  2. No. Waiting for you to do it and tell me how it goes. I didn’t know how many places like that would be around us. Well, technically, around you. As we KNOW there isn’t anywhere like that around me!!!!

    Take the plunge! Give me details. Maybe I could be convinced to try it with you!

  3. My sister Sarah has done it and loves it. Also, my cousin has started a side business of it and has been serving my parents meals 4 nights/week for at least 2 months. They all love it! Try it!!

  4. I have never tried it myself because it isn’t to our families tastes and I actually enjoy cooking.

    However, I know busy, working moms who use this and love it. It is very expensive though so if you are budget minded you might instead try a weekend of cooking and freezing your own meals.

    There is a cookbook out there for this, but I can’t remember the name of it.

  5. Just passing through, and wanted to let you know that I too have been romanced by the thought of doing this! I first tried a place called Dream Dinners. While it was a great idea, the food was horrific! I then tried a place called “Let’s Dish.” ( THis place ROCKED! The food was incredible! The in store experience was far more pleasant than my first try as well! With that in mind, I was curious about a few other places in my area as well, and all I can tell you is that the food at LD was far superior than any other place that I tried! Not that I really look closely at nutrition info, but their meals were actually great on the nutrition information! All while having the best tasting food! (As opposed to the high cal/high fat horrible food that I had experienced). Anyway, just passing through and thought I would leave my thoughts.

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