Spring Break

Sometimes teachers get offended when people say, “the best part about your job is June, July and August right?”. Whatever. Not me. (Mostly because I’ve worked just about every summer anyway). Really, the best part is SPRING BREAK. Unlike Fall Break,which may be a mealsy day or two, and unlike Winter Break, which has the craziness of Christmas, Spring Break is an actual break. Sure, you might get Easter rolled in there, Easter (in my world) is a no pressure holiday. TYou get some pretty clothes, by some pastel trinkets for the kids, get a couple of lilies and you’re good. You know what makes SPRING BREAK even sweeter? Having completed all required parent/teacher conferences this week, setting all marketing plans into motion and getting a teaching assistant as of last week to help lighten the load in general.

One more day of work and I am SO THERE.

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