You know what this blog is good for?? Helping to remember all sorts of thing about M and her health. Seriously. Upon returning home on Sunday, Monkey Girl had a bit of a cough, then started feeling warm….Monday morning, she was up to 100.7! So I’ve been home yesterday and today, and we are making arrangements for tomorrow as well. Here’s the thing though–compared to what I wrote about last Sept/Oct, this is NOTHING. She’s eating, drinking, and playing. She’s sleeping, but not crazy 17 hour stints like she did last fall. She’s sort of pathetic, but I don’t feel compelled to call the doctor just yet. There’s a ton of sickness going around everywhere, so I shouldn’t be too surprised that she’s picked something up (or that my throat hurts). All things considered, this illness isn’t too bad! (ask me how I feel thursday, if she’s still sick and starting to encroach upon our weekend plans with cousins!)

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