From the outside looking in

Actual conversation last week:

Ad rep from local internet site geared for moms, “We offer up to 100.000 cpm, in various sizes, throughout the site.”

Me: “Do you have other schools advertising as well?”

Ad rep: “Yes, there’s one really neat success story……details……and one of the most popular times for her ad to be viewed, besides nap time, is 11-12pm on Saturday night.”

My superior: “What exactly is this website? Why would I go there at midnight on Saturday?”

Me: “Well, a lot of people post on the different discussion boards after everyone’s gone to bed at home.”

My superior: “?”

Me: “It’s a place where you can post questions or vent or whatever, as well as a community resource.”

My superior: “Do you know who’s going to read what you put up there?”

Ad rep: “Well, you can post to the general community or you can private message, which is like email, to individual people.”

My superior: “How would I know who to private message?”

Me: “You PM people you meet on the forum.”

My superior : “In person or just people you talk to online?”

Me: “Either way.”

My superior: “Why would I PM someone I’ve never met?”

Ad rep: “Let’s look at the site. Ok, click here, there…..ok, now drop down into discussions. Our most popular forum is “my life”.

My superior: “My life. So people just go ahead and write about their lives because they are so interesting they assume people want to read about it?”

Me: “Well, they probably aren’t that interesting or they’d acutally have a whole blog on themselves.”

Ad rep: “Not only can they post discussions, they can also post pictures. Lots of moms go on to post pictures of their kiddos. Click here.”

My superior : “Oh look. Someone’s posted a picture…no wait 13 pictures of their 1 month old baby. Because I want to look at a baby I don’t know???”

Me: “Thanks for your time today. We’ll get back to you once we discuss it some more.”

Seriously!!! My coworker is a funny person, but she was dead serious, in a well-humored sort of way. At this point, she has no interest in reading any so-called mommy forums or mommy blogs, her point being that she doesn’t know any of the people who are posting. So I chime in with the whole, well, you can read what people are writing and then find people you have something in common with and take it from there. She didn’t quite buy it. The good news? The ad rep is giving us a heck of a deal to advertise on the site, to give my co-worker sometime to figure out how it acutally works!!

Has anyone else run into scenarios as such???

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