I’ve just returned from the best weekend EVER. Friday night I drove about 110 miles north to meet my two oldest, dearest girlfriends. How old, you ask? We met the first day of Freshman year in English class back in 1987. That old. This is the first time since we’ve all become moms that all three of us have gotten away without the girls or the men….and we took full advantage of our near 48 hours of bliss.

Friday night we started the weekend off right with a trip to Cap n’ Cork, a local liquor store. We were ambitious, each purchasing assorted alcoholic treats to last us the weekend. We stayed up til 2am, drinking Chocolate Vodka Martinis (OMG) and catching up.

Saturday started with our free breakfast and a stop for Gatorade (almost hungover, but not quite), before we hit the mall. Our first stop? The shiatsu massage chairs. $6=18 minutes of BLISS. Seriously, a little cheesy, sitting there in an electric chair in the middle of the mall, but totally worth it. We then toured H & M, cashed in our free undies cards at Vicky’s, and had a good lunch. Then we hit the jackpot–facials at the beauty school. Apparently a bargain basement beauty school, because our facials were SEVEN DOLLARS EACH. $7. That’s it. And it included nap time in a dark and quiet room.

And our perfect day wasn’t over yet. Once back at the hotel, we napped some more, went for a swim and then out to dinner. We returned, watched Sex & the City and hit the sack kind of early, compared to the night before. Sheer bliss. I’ve returned rested, centered and happy to be home. I Love Girlfriends.

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  1. Hey, Mich,
    Haven’t checked in on you in a long while…I read back a little and saw pics of Super Streak (great name!) and she is so BIG!!

    Enjoy your Easter Weekend


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