We rang in the New Year with friends this year, at a family-friendly slumber party. M wasn’t awake for the 12 o’clock cheer, instead, she waited til 5:30am to greet 2007. Which would have been fine, had I not been consuming champange cocktails for the 5 hours leading up to the magic hour, had L not gotten a 2 am call from work (he’s on-call this week), had we not been in a house with 2 others families who were sound asleep.

Desperate times call for desperate measures….so I took her home to sleep some more. We napped from 7:30am-10am and made it back to the party in time for New Year’s cinnamon rolls and coffee.

So far, 2007 appears to be just a continuation of 2006–more snafus at work (hard to imagine since it’s winter break, but oh-so-true), continuing to seek medical care for myself and my polyp, as well as L and his odd affliction. My hope is that we’ll get the majority of these things resolved in the next week or two (new insurance deductible, but also new flexible spending money), and then really start the new year. All it will take is a simple key stroke when I am ready.
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  1. Although you had to leave in the morning (!!) it sounds like you guys had a good time! What a fun idea for NYE!

    I hope all of your health issues are resolved quickly and EASILY!

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