I know what you’re thinking…..finally, a new post!

And what a post it will be. I feel like I’m being pulled in 6 different directions at once, so who knows where this will actually go, or even if I will get to finish the post. That all depends on M’s nap. So onto the item weighing most heavily on my mind:

MISS M and her EARS
Apparently, her ear infection from what–4 weeks ago, hasn’t really gone away. Yesterday, when I went to pick her up, she had a fever of 102, out of the blue, and was just not her usual self. We went to the docs (we were sched for a recheck Friday) and he gave us more antibiotic and a card to the Midwest Ear Institute. You know what that means–TUBES. Ok, I don’t know that for sure, but what else could they possibly do there? Actually I’m hopeful there may be something else they can do, but I’m being a realist. So L stayed home this morning, I left work at 11am and am home for the rest of the day. M’s down for a nap as I type.

One thing I learned this morning–Augmenten may lose potency overnight if left unrefrigerated. And the pharmacist can’t just “exchange” lame drugs for good ones, you have to call your doc and they have to call in a new Rx. Who knew?

ME and my NERVE
My sciatic nerve that is, you know, the one’s that been pinched for about 6 weeks? Yeah, that one. Well, since the last injection did nothing, I decided to call a chiropractor. I think I may have found the answer to my pain! After an evaluation, it turns out that “I’m out of alignment” (catch phrase, I know) to the point where one hip is ONE INCH lower than the other. Which creates pressure on my lowest lumbar, which popped the disc out, which is pressing on the nerve. Make sense? Add a little osteoarthritis into the mix, and you have my sorry limping self. So I went Monday for my first “adjustment”, and I have to say that while I’m not cured, it doesn’t feel nearly as bad. So that’s cool. And what’s cooler? My insurance pays for it.

Thanksgiving was fabulous. Four days of visiting with family and eating and not going to work and shopping….what could be bad about that??? M was a trooper, ear infection and all. She slept well, ate well, and generally adjusted to the 15-20 people we were visiting with at assorted times throughout the weekend. Loved it.

The actual classroom part of it? Just peachy keen. The children keep it real for me, you know? AND I made a fabulous discovery. If you have access to the trinomial cube and the decanomial square, take the square of 10 and place it on the trinomial. Yes, it’s a square of 100. Or something like that. I’ve made many correlations over the years between materials, but that was new one for me today. Now I just need our elementary teacher to explain it to me.

The other part of my job? The one with the grown-ups? Is weird and awkward and it sucks. But I’m trying to ignore those parts of it.

Weird Stalked Tendencies
Ever look at the referral page on sitemeter to see where people found your blog? I do–ALL THE TIME. I’m a little obsessed. Anyway, this blog turns up on the weirdest Google searches. Like people obviously searching for things like “Mitten clips, sears” (mitten clips through sears, I assume) or “Christmas Plaid, dresses” or “persistent ear infections” somehow manage to find their way into my blog. Very, very, weird indeed. The weirdest (to me) is when you get back say, 4,357 results from a search, and my blog is say, result #1, 457. Does anyone really click through that many pages of a search? Never in my life have I ever gone past page three, I don’t think.

More Friday after our adventure at the ear doctors…..

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  1. Actually, I’m glad I haven’t missed a bunch of posts! I’ve been off the PC for about a week and a half, and I was afraid I’d have missed her first time to drive or translate Spanish or something!

    We HATE to hear the ear infection is still about, but the tubes SURE made a difference in my niece, so if she has to get them, at least they should help tremendously! Poor Monkey ears!

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