Could I make this up??

Again, the names have been changed to protect the insane.

After I made my report to the school board almost two weeks ago, some time was spent considering what to do about Sybil. The conslusion was that she needs to do some professional development, and while she’s doing that, I’ll be “the teacher”. It’s now my responsibilty to get the environment prepared for our spring evaluation, to give lessons, etc. Not a big deal if it was expressed to me now that it was a permenant thing. But it’s not. It’s being spun as “Sybil will be back when she’s completing this course of independent study’. Why, Oh Why? I ask.

Why, if she’s coming back into the classroom after the first of the year did she CLEAR OUT HER PERSONAL BELONGINGS this weekend?

Why, if she’s coming back into the classroom after the first of the year, if her ass is really on the line did she TAKE TWO PERSONAL DAYS THIS WEEK SO THAT SHE’S OFF UNTIL MONDAY OF NEXT WEEK?

Why, if she’s coming back into the classroom after the first of the year did she LEAVE ME A HALF-ASSED LESSON PLAN FOR OUR THANKSGIVING FEAST?

Why? Because no one really thinks she sticking around. But we are putting on a charade so we don’t get sued. Isn’t that grand?

Why am I playing along?? I hate to say that I am playing along, but as a mature adult and mother of one, my answer is simple. To quote a late-ninties rap song, “It’s all about the benjamins, baby.”

Morally apprehensible, but hey, it puts food on the table. And the $$ I’m making for the amount I’m working is better than what I’d make at most places (i.e. non-profit preschools or private day cares).

So it’s one day at a time. A letter went home today about this, so we’ll see if the parents say anything or care. I’m a familiar face, so hopefully that’ll suffice. Any serious issues and I’m referring them to the governing body.

The title of this post is fitting, yes?

2 Replies to “Could I make this up??”

  1. What a frustrating situation!!!!! Those “benjamins” rule the world, don’t they????? I’m sure the parents will be fine with the transition, I’m sure they will all love you! (they’ll probably be relieved.) GOOD LUCK!

  2. OH MY WORD. It is truly unbelievable! I mean, absolutely unreal.

    Those poor kids. Let’s hope Sybil chooses one of her other many personalities, opts for another career, and stays away.

    Professional development?

    Independent study?

    Well, I can see you’ll be even busier over the next couple of months! Good luck.

    And Thanks to God that those children have you – they need a stable person there during their day!

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