Today is brought to you by the letter B

The Babe has the “b” sound down…..and it can mean many, MANY things at any given time. Usually, there’s a visual cue to go with it, and she points to what she sees….have you ever thought about how many of Baby’s favorite things start with “B”??!!

Check it out:

Ba-ba (in her case, this means milk in any container)

and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. Surely a few more syllables, sounds and signs will come shortly, right???

Thanks for the input on the Christmas dresses…I’ll be sure to share my decision once it is made! Alteast getting M to wear a Christmas dress should be easier than a Halloween costume! The boots (NOT on her favorite things list) and hat are a sure no-go this year for her cowgirl costume. She’ll wear the onesie and jumper, but won’t come within 10 feet of the boots or hat. And while she likes to touch the soft lady bug costume, she does NOT like to have it on her body. Soooooo we’ll just wear our halloween turtle neck and call it a day.

And focus on Christmas dresses on November 1st. They are much more ladylike anyway, and PATENT LEATHER SHOES get to be involved!!

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  1. I’m sure this means she’ll be saying “Beth” in no time, right?!? Like before “Brian?” She’s so bright! I can’t wait to have turkey and mashed potatoes with her! YUM YUM YUM! (as usual, I’m a little too excited about the food…& wine.)

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