the sleep-a-thon

Baby M taking care of her newest cousin on our family trip last weekend.

So sniffly monkey is still asleep from the last time I posted–nearly 16 hours ago. Thankfully she’s breathing loudly enough that I know she’s breathing or I’d be worried. My guess is that her little body is taking a much needed time out.

So this has been a bizarre day off for me. I was raised with the thought that if you weren’t well enough to go to school, you weren’t well enough to do anything else, at least until the school day was over. Which is why I feel like I’m breaking some unwritten rule if I leave the house before 1pm today (which is when my workday is typically over). Weird, I know.

I’ve been passing the time today looking at and selecting pictures to print for M’s baby scrapbook as well as looking at pictures for one of those cool books you can get printed at Snapfish and the like. I’ve been having a blast–I can’t believe that she’s grown and changed SO much in such little time. (I know, it’s a recurring theme here–I have a hard time wrapping my arms around time and making it standstill or accepting that it moves)

I’m wading through files and files of fantastic photos, some of which I don’t think that I’ve ever looked at, some photo shoots I completely forgot about, some moments I wasn’t interested in capturing forever. Now with a little time, a little sleep and a huge yearning for the infant who’s been replaced by a toddler, I am in LOVE with these pictures. Here are a few gems, in no particular order:

The cousins three, posing in the NYC shirts from Grandpa

My parents “measuring” baby around her 1st month birthday
playing with her new puppet over Christmas dinner with cousin Scotty

Getting ready to try cereal for the first time! (12/11/05)

Cuddling with Oma and cousin Noah on Christmas Eve
Three months old!
That’s probably enough for one post. And she’s STILL asleep. I’m hoping she’ll be feeling MUCH better when she wakes up!

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